Chairman’s Message


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our prestigious clients, co-workers for the success of ‘RANS Group’ over the last three decades. We have sailed through a lot of hardships and turbulent times and now have in our flagship – Education, Recruitment, Financial Services, Construction, Corporate Investment, Real Estate, Securities, Tours and Travels, Import and Export. But this is just the beginning, as we have a lot of feathers to add to our cap and win a lot of accolades. We look forward for the continuous support from our clients and investors.”

Shashi K. Mahajan


RANS Group

Our Services



We are satisfied with their services and customer oriented approach and confirm that RANS Group employees are top-ranked specialists and deliver best of professionals services from their side. Whatever showcased and promised was exactly the same and timely bound service. We highly recommend the team of RANS Group to anyone seeking to create or grow their business.


It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to having an ongoing association with your company. They have tackled all the aspects of our projects in a very short period of time and we are very much pleased with the results. They are by far the best team we have ever worked with.


We were delighted and satisfied with the terrific services offered by them. We had an incredible experience of getting associated with the RANS Group we look forward to having an ongoing association with your company in the future as well. We would recommend working with them to everyone, for their creativity and quality delivered services, but also their approach to their clients.

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